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Health & Travel Certificates

When crossing state or country borders, your pet is legally required to have a travel certificate. For air travel, most responsible airlines will not allow pets to board if they have not received a travel certificate from an accredited veterinarian within ten days of the flight. Dr. Green is certified through the USDA to provide the appropriate documentation for pets traveling internationally.

Traveling With Your Pet?

Travel certificates keep pets, other travelers, and worldwide ecosystems safe. To provide a travel certificate for a particular pet, the veterinarian must perform an examination and be able to certify that,

  • The pet is healthy enough for the trip
  • The pet is not carrying any contagious diseases
  • The pet is has been appropriately vaccinated
  • The pet is old enough to travel safely
  • The pet is a breed/species that is legally allowed in the destination

Please understand, if the veterinarian cannot sign off that all of the above items are true, they cannot provide a travel certificate.

If your pet does not meet one of the above medical criteria, we can help by offering the appropriate vaccinations or treatment for any disease, and once we can be sure that it is addressed, then provide the travel certificate.

Keep in mind that travel can be very stressful for pets, and consider boarding your pet if traveling with them is not completely necessary. For example, if you are moving, or planning on being away for an extended period, then bringing your pet might be in their best interest. But for a family vacation, it might be easier for them to stay home at a boarding facility or with a trusted family friend. Also, most airlines do not allow pets who cannot be kept in a small-sized crate into the cabin, and traveling in steerage adds additional stress, potential risks such as hot or cold temperatures, and hours of being alone in the crate.

International Travel

Every country has different requirements for entry- this may include vaccines, lab work, and/or medical treatments. There is no practical way for our doctors to know the specific requirements for each country and they may not be able to assist you on the day of your appointment. Prior to your appointment you will need to contact the USDA or the consulate for your destination in order to confirm both the requirements for entry AND the timeline in which this needs to be done. The website below will help get you started in the process but is not a comprehensive list of all requirements: USDA website.

Once the exam is completed and the paperwork has been filled out, many countries also require that you get your paperwork stamped by the official USDA veterinarian (not at our office). Please be aware that it is your responsibility to confirm whether this needs to be done and to schedule your appointment enough in advance that this process can be completed before your travel date.

This Service Is For Existing Clients Only

When you confirm your appointment for the health certificate you will be asked to provide the address of your destination. On the day of your appointment you will need to bring any paperwork to be filled out and a list of requirements.

**Please note that if you do not bring us the vaccination history in advance we will not be able to hold the appointment for you, as these appointments require a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes.**

Thank you for your participation in this process. Together we can make sure that your travel plans go smoothly and your pet gets to enjoy the trip along with you.

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