Rye Harrison Veterinary Hospital

Full Service Vet Clinic

Preventative Care

At Rye Harrison Veterinary Hospital, we are focused on your pet's overall wellbeing, and are committed to providing the best possible preventative care at our full service veterinary clinic. We offer the most advanced and effective treating methods of both major and minor conditions, and our dedicated and experienced veterinary professional team is trusted by owners who care about their pets' wellbeing in the Rye Harrison area.

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Diagnostic Care

At Rye Harrison Veterinary Hospital, we are equipped with state-of-the-art and modern technology to aid in the treatment and diagnosis for many different pet-related health conditions. We provide rapid results with our in-house laboratory, can identify further problems we can't see in a physical exam with diagnostic imaging, and our exceptional staff will help develop the best treatment plan for any pet health condition.

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Veterinary Pet Surgery

When your pet needs a surgery, you want the most experienced, skilled, and attentive veterinary surgeons to be on your team. Thankfully, just such surgeons can be found at Rye Harrison Veterinary Hospital. Every surgery we perform is carefully planned from pre-operation to post-operation to ensure your pet has the safest and most effective surgical procedure.

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Pet Dental Services

Dental care is an important component of overall pet health. Health problems that originate in the mouth can cause significant pain, as well as other health problems throughout the body. At Rye Harrison Veterinary Hospital, we have all the tools and knowledge to help keep your pet's mouth and overall wellbeing healthy.

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Our state is known for many different kinds of natural habitats and animal species. At Rye Harrison Veterinary Hospital, we frequently have questions regarding how to handle wildlife, which is why we've put together a brief FAQ section, along with a resource guide in the event you need to contact a licensed professional.

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Puppy & Kitten Care

Introducing a new puppy or kitten into your household creates excitement and joy for the whole family. Not only are puppies and kittens adorable and cuddly, they are lifelong companions that will form a bond with each family member and be by their sides for years to come.

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Senior Pet Care

Although your pets may remain forever young at heart, once they reach the double digits, they are soundly in the senior phase of life. Some large-breed dogs are considered seniors as early as the age of seven. Although cats can approach two decades in age, by the time they are nine they are also usually considered seniors.

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Exotic Pet Care

Because of our expert exotic animal doctors, our culture at Rye Harrison Veterinary Hospital is extremely exotic-friendly. We know that there are great pets to be had besides cats and dogs and we want to provide the public with information about how to care for creatures with feathers and scales.

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