What To Do If You Find A Marine Mammal

  • Horseshoe crabs come to shore every spring to spawn in large numbers, especially around new and full moons. THIS IS NORMAL! Let them be!
  • If you find a marine turtle or mammal that is injured or breached, please call the NYS Marine Mammal and Turtle Stranded Hotline at (631) 369-9829.
  • Often times, your local guard shack, nature center, marine unit, and/or police department has information about local, indigenous wildlife concerns.
  • Many waterfowl and other animals lay their eggs in sand dunes or on the beach. This is normal behavior, and this is why you’ll find protected areas on many beaches. Please do not disturb the wildlife, since this could cause a further decline in populations; especially those who are already threatened and endangered.

List of Wildlife Rehabilitators