Next to medical care, professional grooming is one of the most important services your pet may need. Daily brushing and routine bathing of short hair dogs can easily be done at home. However, for those owners lacking the time, and especially for owners of long haired dogs and cats, professional grooming provides the best way to maintain the health of your pet’s skin and coat. At Rye Harrison Veterinary Hospital, we are excited to be able to offer this service for your furry family member. In addition to standard grooming services discussed below, we also offer medicated baths, flea and tick dips, de-skunking treatments, simple brush-outs and nail trims.

Grooming is available Monday thru Friday. Please make your appointments one or two weeks in advance. A waiting list is available if we are completely booked, which often occurs around major holidays. Please expect your pet to be here for most of the day. “Early outs” are allowed, if you scheduled in advance, for 1:00pm pick-ups. Please note that pets needing to see the doctor are not eligible for “early outs” because they must be seen and evaluated by the medical staff before we are allowed to work on them.

The members of our grooming team strive to provide a spa-like experience, as opposed to a quick “in and out” grooming. We ask that all pets arrive between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning. After one of our receptionists has checked you in, a member of our grooming staff will come out to greet you and your pet, and to review all of the details of the grooming, (type of cut, length, any allergies, etc.). If your pet also has medical needs, these will be addressed by one of our veterinarians before the grooming.

The following is included with every grooming experience:

  • We shave each pet’s paw pads, for a number of reasons. Dogs dissipate excess heat (sweat) by panting, and through their paw pads. Shaving also helps to prevent slipping and sliding on hard surfaces such as wood floors and stairs. In the winter this prevents buildup of snow, ice and salt between the toes.
  • We trim the nails for your pet’s health and to prevent you and your children and your woodwork from being scratched.
  • We check the ears. We flush out the ear canals and, if your dog is the type that has hair build-up in the ear canals, we remove the hair. If the groomer notices any problems, one of our doctors will be notified, and any findings will be discussed with you.
  • We express (empty) the anal glands. These are the two pea sized glands on either side of the anus that serve to lubricate the stool, and cause a very bad odor to be released when they are full.

If your pet is boarding at our facility, you may wish to have him or her bathed or groomed on the day you pick up. Please note that boarding pets are charged for the grooming the day they leave but they are not charged for boarding on that day. Boarders are first priority when getting groomed and we will make every effort to have them ready before 1:00pm.