Canine Health Care

Puppies are seen frequently in their first few months of life. A puppy’s first visit should be between eight and 12 weeks of age. This permits you to discuss training, socialization, and any other questions you may have. This also allows for properly timed vaccination boosters and helps you get your new family member “off on the right paw.”

While each is different, most dogs usually require one to two routine examinations each year. There are two required (or core) vaccines for dogs: the Distemper/Parvovirus combination vaccine and the Rabies vaccine. We recommend an initial Rabies vaccination at 12 weeks, a booster one year later, and then again every three years thereafter to be in compliance with New York State Law. We recommend giving the DHP-P (Distemper/Parvo) at the first puppy visit and every three to four weeks thereafter until 16 weeks of age. We then recommend a booster at one year of age and every three years thereafter in accordance with the national standards proposed by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

Other vaccinations are available depending on your pet’s lifestyle. We offer Lyme Disease, Leptospirosis, Bordetella (Kennel Cough), and Canine Influenza vaccinations. After discussing your pet’s lifestyle with your doctor, you can decide whether your pet is at risk for these diseases and vaccinate appropriately. (When dogs come in to our hospital for boarding or grooming, we require a current Bordetella and Influenza vaccine.) It is also recommended to have a yearly heartworm and fecal test to look for internal parasites for your pet since parasites of any kind can be harmful to their health. Dogs need to be protected from fleas/ ticks/heartworm disease and we offer several options for prevention.

  • Canine Distemper / Parvovirus Vaccine
  • Rabies Vaccine
  • Canine Influenza Vaccine
  • Bordetella Vaccine
  • Leptospirosis Vaccine
  • Lyme Vaccine