Hospital Services

Rye Harrison Veterinary Hospital provides a wide variety of services for your pets, including comprehensive medical, surgical, and hospitalization/nursing care. Also offered are dental services, both repair and prophylactic cleaning, senior wellness programs, and dietary counseling. Ancillary services we provide include basic boarding and medical boarding, the latter is defined as boarding which includes minor medical treatment and professional grooming. The hospital is also pleased to offer clients pet portal access to medical records, a hospital contact and pet care network, a Facebook page with advice and seasonal tips, a mobile website for cell phone access, and both national and international pet health certificates.

Medical Equipment

Our state-of-the-art equipment includes a laser surgical unit, diagnostic ultrasound machine, digital X-ray units, for both standard as well as dental radiographs, endoscopic equipment, and high tech monitors for all anesthetic procedures.

Appointment/Treatment Options

Our clients’ busy schedules are accommodated by a number of different office appointment/treatment options. In addition to regularly scheduled office calls with a veterinarian, clients may choose to schedule technician office calls for less complicated treatments that do not require the attention of a licensed veterinarian. The hospital also has a “drop off” policy, allowing clients to leave their pets for the day to be examined and/or treated, at no additional cost.


Our Practice Philosophy is guided by the highest standards of compassion and commitment to both pets and their owners. Whenever possible, we try to make you, our client, an active part of the treatment team. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of our patients and thus support the quality of life of their owner/family members. Our primary purpose is to enhance the joy of the human-companion animal bond.

We are a full service, small and exotic animal veterinary hospital. We have six veterinarians on staff, each of whom has training in various sub-specialties within veterinary medicine. Our hospital is extremely well equipped and is supplemented by telemedicine services, a visiting ultrasound technician, and a variety of specialists with whom we consult on a regular basis.