Rye Harrison Veterinary Care!

When Dr. Gary Yarnell purchased what is now known as the Rye Harrison Veterinary Hospital (RHVH) from Dr. Howard Harmon in 1980, the practice consisted of one full-time and one part-time veterinarian, with a support staff of four, working in a single story building. We are proud to say that since then, the hospital has grown into a six-doctor practice with 28 support staff members. State-of-the-art medical care is provided in a modern, two-story facility expanded and totally renovated to accommodate the growing needs of the practice, its patients, and the community.

Dr. John Pisciotta joined Dr. Yarnell in 1992 and became a full partner in 1996. Dr. Pisciotta is nationally known as an exotic animal veterinarian and through his expertise the hospital was able to add exotic animal medicine and surgery to the many services it offers. The hospital facility has a separate, newly refurbished exotics ward, capable of safely and comfortably housing many different species of reptiles, birds, and small mammals; Dr. Blair Green recently joined Dr. Pisciotta to assist with this very busy aspect of the practice.